01/12/2022 Hands do not touch our precious Me” Hasselt, Belgium
01/15/2022 “Transfiguration” Conflux festival, Rotterdam
01/17-21/2022 Résidence Brigittines, Brussel 
02/01/2022 Performance Festival Trente Trente
02/26/2022 “La Messe de l’Âne” St Dié, France
03/10/2022 “Transfiguration”  Cultuurcentrum Ter Dilft, Bornem, Belgium
03/19/2022 “La Messe de l’Âne” Festival Giboulées CDN Strasbourg
03/24/2022 and 05/08/2022 Exhibition Gallery Loo and Lou, Paris
04/08-09/2022 Transfiguration KTO Theater Krakow
04/23/2022 Transfiguration. Centre culturel de Huy Belgium
05/05-08/2022 Hands do not touch our precious Me”  Naples, Italy
06/25-27/2022 Hands do not touch our precious Me” Luxembourg
09/19-24/2022 Master Class and Hybridation Xperteatro Valladolid Spain
09/26/2022 Transfiguration festival Lutke Ljubjana Slovenia
10/14/2022 Nos Coeur en Terre La Poudrerie Sevran
12/08-10/2022 “Hands do not touch our precious Me” Antwerpen



01/16/2021 Hands do not touch our precious Me” with Wim Vandekeybus, Livestream, KVS Brussel
01/21/2021 Livestream, London International Mime Festival
06/11-13/2021 La Messe de l’ÂneFestival Brigittines, Brussel
06/25-26/2021 “Transfiguration” FRAC, Besançon, France
07/07-13/2021 “Vive le Sujet” with David Wahl, Festival d’Avignon 
07/15-21/2021 “Hands do not touch our precious Me” with Wim Vandekeybus, KVS Brussel
07/27/2021 La Messe de l’ÂneBiennale Danza Venezia 2021, 15th International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Italy
09/02-03/2021 “Hybridation” Unidram Postdam, Germany
09/05/2021 “Transfiguration” Lviv, Ukraine 
09/16/2021 “Transfiguration” BAFF, International Festival Theater Basel 
09/20-21/2021 “La Messe de l’Âne” Festival Mondiale des Théatres de Marionnette, Charleville Meziere   
09/25-26/2021 “Transfiguration” Festival mit Figuren WEITBLICK 2022, Braunschweig, Germany
10/03/2021 “Hands dont touch out precious Me” Ypres, Belgium
10/08/2021 “Hands dont touch out precious Me”  Ferrara,  Italy
10/12-13/2021 “Hands dont touch out precious Me” Leuven, Belgium
10/17/2021 “Hands dont touch out precious Me” Thessaloniki, Grece
10/21-26/2021 Résidence, Les Marches de l’été, Bordeaux
10/31/2021 Transfiguration” Festivale Paradoxale, La Rochelle, France
11/17/2021 “Transfiguration” Pupen Theater Magdeburg, Germany
11/20-26/2021  “Transfiguration” and Workshop, Festival Madaperf, Cameroun
12/02-07/2021 “Hands dont touch out precious Me” KVS, Brussel   



01/22-23/2020 “Hybridation” Theatre Lliure, Barcelone
02/05/2020 “Transfiguration” Festival Imaginale Mannheim, Germany
03/04/2020 “Ainsi sois Moi” (Première) DansFabrik, Brest
03/14/2020 “Transfiguration” Weekend Singulier, Le lieu Unique, Nantes, France cancelled
03/23-28/2020 Workshop, Estonia cancelled
04/11/2020 “Transfiguration” Festival Trente Trente, Sainte France cancelled
06/11-13/2020 “Ainsi sois Moi” Festival Brigittines, Brussel cancelled
06/19/2020 “Transfiguration” Figura Theater Festival Baden Swiss cancelled
06/21/2020 “Transfiguration” Festival Puppen Magdebourg, Germany cancelled
06/25-26/2020 “Transfiguration” FRAC, Besançon, France cancelled
07/4-11/2020 “Vive le Sujet” Festival Avignon with David Wahl cancelled
09/05/2020 Performance  festival “Kit Gavatovycha“ Lviv Ukraine. cancelled
10/01/2020 at 11/15/2020 Exhibition Galerie Vitoux, Paris
10/10/2020 “Transfiguration” FIMP’20, Porto
10/30/2020 Première : “Hands do not touch your precious Me” Teatro Comunale di Ferrara Italy. cancelled
11/05/2020 “Transfiguration” Unidram, International Theatre Festival, Potsdam cancelled
11/22-28/2020 Hands do not touch your precious Me” KVS, Brussels, Belgium cancelled
11/15/2020 “Transfiguration” Le lieu Unique, Nantes, France
11/06/2020 at 01/26/2021 Exibition, Centre cultural, Les Bernardes, Girona, Spain



01/10-11/2019 Performance, London International Mime Festival
01/24-25/2019 Workshop, Festival 30/30, Bordeaux, France
01/26/2019 Performance Hybridation, Festival 30/30, Bordeaux, France
03/08/2019 Workshop, L’Artère, Lévis, Quebec
04/18/2019 at 07/15/2019 Exhibition, Centre Bellegarde, Toulouse, France
04/18/2019 Performance, Chapelle des Carmélites, Toulouse, France
05/04/2019 Performance, La Fira de Titelles, Lleida, Spain
05/18/2019 Performance, Amen&Beyond, Gand, Belgium
05/30-31/2019 Performance, International Puppet Theatre Festival, Erlangen, Germany
06/14/2019 Performance, A Part Festival, Katowice, Poland
06/30/2019 Hybridation Full spin Festival Essen Germany
07/24/2019 Performance, MIT Ribadavia, Spain
07/27-31/2019 Workshop, Jardin Parallèle, Reims, France
08/01-10/2019 Résidence Corps-Textes, Jardin Parallèle, Reims, France
08/18-20/2019 Performance, Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen, NL
08/28/2019 Nominated to the Biennale de Venise with ” O” Director Qiu Yang
08/30-31/2019 Performance, Festival International Les Brigittines, Brussel, Belgium
09/01-15/2019 Résidence Corps-Textes, Théâtre MacOrlan, Brest, France
09/17-29/2019 Résidence Corps-Textes, le PALC, Châlons-en-Champagne, France
10/01/2019 Performance, Dance House Lemesos, Cyprus
11/01/2019 at 01/09/2019 Museum of Art in Figueres, Catalonia Exhibition Video « Hybridation »
11/07/2019 Spectacle “Ainsi sois MoiScène Nationale, Le Théatre, Saint-Nazaire, France
12/17-18/2019 “Transfiguration” Serendipity Art Festival Goa, Inde



03/27/2018 Performance, Weekend Singulier, Lieu Unique, Nantes, France
04/14/2018 Performance Transfiguration, Festival Rencontre entre les Mondes, Chabeuil, France
05/12/2018 Exhibition, Gallery Contemporary Cluster, Rome, Italy
06/02/1018 erformance, Puppet Festival, Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal
06/27-28/2018 Masterclass, International Forest Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece
06/29/2018 Performance Hybridation and Transfiguration, Theatre of Lazarists Monastery, Forest Festival, Thessaloniki, Greece 
10/09/2018 at 07/11/1018 Masterclass, L’embobineuse, Marseille, France
07/13-14/1018 Performance, Kalamata Dance Festival, Greece
08/01-12/2018 Actor and performer in a VR movie realised by Qiu Yang, China
08/26/2018 at 09/02/2018 Residence Corps-Textes, Scène Nationale, Le Théatre, Saint-Nazaire, France
09/07/2018 Performance, Gesture 01″ at the Old Baths, London
09/15/2018 Performance, CERCO, Saragosse, Spain
10/06/2018 Performance Transfiguration, Théâtre Mac Orlan, Festival La Becquée, Brest, France
11/06/2018 at 12/22/2018 Exhibition, Gallery Loo and Lou, Paris, France
11/14-18/2018 Golden Horse festival, VR Film with Qiu Yang, Taipei, Taiwan



01/07/2017 at 02/07/2017 Exhibition, Chapelle Ste Anne, Tours, France   
01/15-17/2017 Performance, Petit Faucheux, Tours, France
02/03/2017 Performance, Festival Allotropique, ESBA, Tours, France
03/07/2017 at 05/14/2017 Exhibition, Ugly as art, Moa, Seoul, Korea
04/21/2017 Exhibition Etres Chairs, Chapelle des Franciscains, Saint-Nazaire, France
04/28/2017 Performance, Orbis Pictus, Reims, France
05/13/2017 Colloque “Généalogie de la sensibilité” and Performance, Lieu Unique, Nantes, France
05/13/2017 Orlan et Olivier de SagazanBP17 Buenos Aires, Argentina
06/10/2017 at 09/09/2017 Exhibition, “La imaginacion del desastre”, Buenos Aires, Argentina
06/14/2017 Performance, Théâtre de Jérusalem, Israël
09/2017 Fashion Week, Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh offer an exclusive visual insight into Pugh’s S/S 18, London
09/24-28/2017 Performance, Festival Sudaka, Quieto, Ecuador
11/09/2017 at 12/31/2017 Exhibition, Musée d’art de Kauno, M.Žilinsko galerijoje nuo lapkričio, Lithuania
11/16/2017 at 12/22/2017 Exhibition, Galery Vitoux, Paris, France 



02/02-03/2016 Performance, Musée de la Croix Rouge, Geneva, Switzerland
02/20-25/2016 Masterclass, University of the Art London, Polverigi, Italy
05/26-28/2016 Performance, Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Korea
06/15/2016 Performance, Théâtre Déjazet, Paris, France
06/17/2016 at 07/30/2016 Exhibition, Loo et Lou Gallery, Paris, France
06/22-26/2016 Masterclass et Performance, Central St Martin, London 
07/2016 Collaboration as actor in Channel Zero, Winnipeg, Canada
07/16/2016 at 09/16/2016 Exhibition SNACK, Power Station Of Art, Shanghai, China
07/17/2016 Performance and Masterclass, Power Station Of Art, Shanghai, China
09/12/2016 Performance Transfiguration, Biennale d’art performatif, Rouyn-Noranda, Canada
09/16/2016 Performance Transfiguration, Festival Phenomena, Montreal, Canada
09/26-28/2016 Immersive Room with FKA Twigs, London
11/12/2016 Performance, Biennale, Shanghai
11/18/2016 Performance, Submerge Festival, Bristol, England
11/25/2016 Performance, Galerie KUB, Leipzig, Germany



02/20/2015 at 03/05/2015 Actor in the film “Discarnate” producting by Harald Kloser and realised by Mario Sorrenti. Caracter based on “Transfiguration”
03/20/2015 Exhibition and Performance, MPAA, Paris, France
06/05-15/2015 Workshop and performance, Institut Français et Ass Mosche, Palermo, Sicily
06/27/2015 Performance, Les Rendez-Fous, Angers, France
08/07-09/2015 Performance and Workshop, Festival WhyNot, Amsterdam, NL
08/10-14/2015 Masterclass, International Paris Summer Academy, Paris, France
08/28/2015 Installation Studio Barbie and the keen, Saint-Nazaire, France
09/27/2015 Performance “Voir derrière”, KadS Festival, Amsterdam, NL
12/04-05/2015 Performance, NeMe Art Centre, Limassol, Cyprus
12/18/2015 Performance, Moody Mammoth Music, Orvieto, Italy
12/20/2015 Performance with “rétrospective de Yann Marussich au BAC”



01/2014 Exhibition, Galerie Vitoux, Paris, France
01/24/2014 Performance Lenfermoi, Auditorium St Germain, Paris, France
01/28/2014 Performance Transfiguration”, Théâtre Festival of Kerala, India
04/05-25/2014 Exhibition, Galery l’Ensemblier and Performance, Théâtre de l’Écluse, Le Mans, France
04/25/2014 Transfiguration, Passage à L’art, Cherbourg, France
05/16/2014 Performance, “Artaud sous la dent “, La Sorbonne, Paris, France
05/21/2014 Performance “le Dictator” with In Legend, Berlin, Germany 
06/05-12/2014 Masterclass and Performance, Palerme, Italy
07/05/2014 Performance, Hong Kong, China
10/02/2014 at 11/01/2014 Exhibition, Galerie Vitoux, Paris, France
10/31/2014 Exhibition and Performance, Kontrastmoment, München, Germany
11/08/2014 Performance, Frindge Festival, Macao, China
11/16/2014 Meeting and Performance, Saint-Nazaire, France
12/11-21/2014 Performance, Art Week, Venise, Italy



01/22-23/2013 Performance, l’Apostrophe Scène Nationale, Cergy, France
02/02/2013 Performance Transfiguration, Auditorium de Coulange, Gonesse, France
03/14/2013 Performance Lenfermoi, Café de la danse, Paris, France
03/19-21/2013 Exhibition, Scène nationale d’Alençon, France
03/26/2013 Transfiguration, Silencio – Club de David Lynch, Paris, France
03/27/2013 Exit movie in France, Samsara with ” Transfiguration”
05/10-17/2013 Masterclass and Performance, Florianopolis, Brazil
05/13/2013 Workshop with Pondetera Theatro, Florence, Italy
05/25/2013 Performance, Organo Avatars Corps Numérique, Bordeaux, France
09/14/2013 at 10/13/2013 Exhibition, La Ferme de la Chapelle Lancy, Geneva, Switzerland
09/20-25/2013 Performance Transfiguration and Transept, Totem porte 7, Nancy, France
10/20/2013 Performance, Studio Foce, Lugano, Switzerland
11/12/2013 Performance Lenfermoi, Salle Vasse, Nantes, France
12/11/2013 Performance, International Bipolar Performers, Sopot, Poland
12/19/2013 at 01/19/2014 Exhibition « La Maison de la Fontaine », Brest, France



01/29/2012 Performance, Maison de la Culture, Arlon, Belgium
02/04-24/2012 Exhibition, Galerie Alain Rouzé, Nantes, France
02/04-09/2012 Exibition “Monster Face”, Les Trois Baudets, Paris, France
02/2012 Group Exhibition, Galerie Grand’Rue, Poitiers, France
04/02/2012 Performance “Transfiguration” with Richard Nadal, Arques and “Transit”, St-Cirq Lapopie, France
04/10/2012 at 05/02/2012 Exhibition, Chateau de Blain, France
04/16/2012 Transfiguration, Studio P Folie Culture, Quebec
04/22/2012 at 05/29/2012 Exhibition, Galerie Vitoux, Paris, France
04/31/2012 Performance, Espace Kiron, Paris, France
05/22-26/2012 Performance, Chuncheon International Mime Fetival, Korea
06/12/2012 at 07/12/2012 Group Exhibition, “L’humanité” Beaulieu, Lausanne, Switzerland
06/12-24/2012 Performance Transfiguration, FITBH, Belo Horizonte, Brazil
06/24-26/2012 Performance, Festival SURGE CONFLUX, Glasgow, England
07/2012 at 08/2012 Exhibition, Galerie Jakez, Pont Aven, France
07/03-10/2012 Group Exhibition “Les sept mercenaires”, Saint Nazaire, France
10/06-25/2012 Exhibition and Performance, Musée Denys-Puech, Rodez, France
10/18/2012 Performance with Guillaume Roy, Les Emouvantes : Friche Belle de mai, Marseille, France
10/18-28/2012 Exhibition “La Fin du Monde” and Performance, Bordeaux, France
11/05/2012 Exhibition and Performance, Lasécu, Lille, France
11/08/2012 at 12/08/2012 Exhibition, Galerie Vitoux, Paris, France
11/26/2012 at 12/15/2012 Exhibition, Galerie Australe, Saint-Denis, Ile de la Réunion