“I am flabbergasted in seeing to what degree people think it is normal to be alive. All my focus is to reveal this strangeness of being in the world.  Disfigurement in art is one of these ways to reactivate our attention.” Olivier de Sagazan

At first a painter and sculptor, Olivier is more and more working in the living arts (performance, dance, theater). He has since made more than 300 performances in twenty different countries. His performances have led to numerous collaborations with artists from the world of fashion, cinema and music, such as : Ron Frick for Samsara , FKA Twigs, Mylène Farmer, Nick Knight, Gareth PughMario SorrentiNick Antosca, Bartosz Konopka , Qiu YangWim Vandekeybus the latter for a dance creation Hands do not touch your precious Me 

Bibliography : 

Le Fantôme dans la machine   –  Transfiguration   –   Quand le visage perd sa face   –   La Violence en Art   –  Carnet d’atelier d’Olivier de Sagazan   –   Propos sur la violence de l’art, la violence dans l’art