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On the 30th of March 2014, like a dog who senses danger and expresses it by barking, Olivier de Sagazan barked for 7 hours to « awaken the consciences » against the dangers of the Front National. Here in front of the polling station for the European elections, the police will quickly come to interrogate him. « At 6PM, the polling stations close. Despite the difficulty, the artist reiterated this act two more times (in front of the Base Sous-Marine of Saint-Nazaire, and after in the square of La Défense in Paris.  More informations


Inspired by François Sureau and his article in Le Monde « It is the citizen who is intimidated, and not the delinquent », Olivier de Sagazan uses the exact words of President Macron in front of the yellow vests, while transforming his face, the violence contained in this speech then jumps out at our face.


Olivier de Sagazan et Richard Nadal sound creation: Christophe Havard ; duration: 50min ; production: « fais et gestes », communauté Cazals-Salviac,conseil gégéral du lot, région midi-pyrénées ; co-production:  l’Apostrophe / Scène Nationale de Cergy-Pontoise et du Val d’Oise. Frankenstein is in front of his mirror. In a fantastic duo between the puppeteer and his creature, the identities are ultimately muddled. Which one, then, animates the other ?


Duration: 50min, coproduction: la Scène Nationale de  Cergy-Pontoise et le Volapük

“Words seek a mouth to enter into”  Beckett

“In Lenfermoi, as a lab rat trapped in a iron wheel, Sagazan detaches from words, that spring out from his postures and his perilous races, conditioned by the machine that emprisons him. When Tzara proclaims : « Thought is done in the mouth », he highlights the creative function of speech, its innate character, as opposed to preconceived logical discourses. With Sagazan, the work is incarnate, flesh expels the word. The written text disappears, to leave room for improvisation. The issue of Presence becomes the essential subject. Letting it happen, a key principale. »  Irène Filiberti




Le Lieu Unique, Nantes 

After placing a syringe in one of his veins, Olivier de Sagazan drew his blood in a bowl and he proceeded to cover his face with it. He then took multiple prints of his face with different sheets of paper, as an allusion to the famous veil of Veronique. This event took place at the end of a symposium on the issue of sensitivity in art, philosophy and sciences.





Marcel Duchamp coined the term readymade in 1915 to ask: What is art ?
Here, Olivier de Sagazan hijacks an artistic exhibition. This diversion, a kind of double ready-made, will be done by means of written letters: [Lettre 1] [Lettre 2] [Lettre 3]. But the mayor of the City accuses Olivier of forgery and use of forgery even though his letter was sent on April 1. So he had to go to the police: Convocation Police, Journal de la mairie, Ouest France, Réaction du maire

More information in the book: Le Mythe de la vie d’artiste – Éditions Circé. Henri-Pierre JeudyMaria Claudia Galera    

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