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Originally trained as a biologist, Olivier de Sagazan turned to painting and sculpting with the ever-present idea of questioning organic life. From his passion to give life to matter came the idea for him to cover his own body with clay in order to observe the resulting “object”. This experiment gave rise to the creation of a solo, « Transfiguration », in 1998, in which we see a man gradually disfiguring himself with clay into a kind of monster. This half-man, half-beast is searching beneath his masks for who he is.

We find a similar process of transformation applied to dancers in his creations:

« La Messe de l’Âne »
« Hands dont touch my precious Me »
« Nos coeurs en terre »


His performance « Transfiguration » has led to numerous collaborations with artists such as:

FKA Twigs
Ron Frick for the movie “Samsara”
Qiu Yang for the movie “O” produced by Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Gareth Pugh and Nick Knight
Wim Vandekeybus
David Wahl…



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