Born 1959 in Brazzaville, Congo, Olivier de Sagazan is a French artist, painter, sculptor and performer. His work typically involves building layers of clay and paint onto his own face and body, transforming his own identity and revealing a half human, half animal seeking to understand his true nature. In Transfiguration he breaks down barriers between the physical and spiritual senses. I was born in Africa, and have often been asked what aspects of my performance relate to my country of birth and its culture. I believe it is a question of engagement and authenticity: in black Africa, art objects such as masks or fetishes – as well ascertain dances – are acts of survival in order to connect with the spirits,to ask their favour. I don’t believe in spirits or other worlds, but conversely for me a performance is a vital gesture in that it represents a means to question my identity in the world. I want to reveal all the enigma of a face, and thus of the Being which animates it. For me, disfigurement in art isn’t a hostile act towards life: conversely, the effacement is a measure of loss and the transformation a measure of strength.”

Olivier created the performance Transfiguration, the firs time in 1998 , gallery Marie Vitoux (Paris). Since more than  300 performances in 25 différents country.

Many artists collaborated with Olivier for a new creation inspired by his performance “Tranfiguration”.

Olivier de Sagazan