To be covered with clay is an initiatory act that can be found in all primitive peoples. Clay has a liberating and creative power. A body covered with clay, as the primitives say, passes into the world of the spirits,  between the sculpture and the ghost: It is a transfigured body, in dialogue with « the beyond ». For us, the « beyond » is the depth of the performer soul.

To cover oneself with the clay is also paradoxically to wash oneself of an artificial and cultural world to be face to face, pleasant and original. This blind work will amplify our sense of touch and proprioception. In the development of touch, time passes slowly and the psyche of the performer enters into a form of singularity. Aristote already signs it: touch is the foundation of the soul.

Step one : work alone

Discovery of the clay and its ductility and look for which is ideal for sculpting. 
Exploration of clay on the face, clay becoming your own flesh and mediation to feel and think your face, ie your identity, a form of meditation to return to oneself.
The link question: mask and presence. Reflections on the function of the mask and how it affects our personality. Here is a very special clay mask because a moving mask, a new concept in art, a mask that is not to hide but to reveal Himself, an laying bare you feel, a mask become living.
Everyone makes a « Transfiguration » alone in front of the others and tries to start from his/her own feelings and kinesthesis in order to explore and discovering our inner man. 
the people in the group compare the different approaches for each individual and this reveal of our personality. 
We will have a careful consideration on how to move, how to dance with clay.  How the clay and this blind work increase our sensation of touch and sense of feeling, self-presence.

Step two : work as a couple

The same work but with one other, Transfiguration become Hybridation.

Step three : work as a group

Everyone covers someone else’s face and body, to the blind, a great moment of sensuality. 
Work on the contact, bashfulness, modesty at first dressed and after naked.
The body of the other, the other becomes a continuity of his own, the group becomes one body.
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15 students, in art or dance studies, maximum