Duration 50 mn 

In the continuity of the « Transfiguration ». Here two people try to feel their own inner man using the technique of the mask but very quickly they discover the presence of the other and how his body is between continuity and disturbing my own flesh. An improvisation between absurd, eroticism and humor.

The question of presence will be increased in this idea of theatrical improvisation and will give life to the puppets that clay makes us become. An incredible metaphor of our life.

Antonin Artaud says: « I am still not sure of the limits to which the body of the human self can stop ». With clay, I can quickly give my face a dog’s mouth. I can stack a lot of clay on my face, then « open it » and I can also instantly erase all the features of it with the sweep of my hand. Of course, Artaud talks about the inner transformation, but we believe that something like this really feels when we are on stage, covered in clay and blinded by it. Here, all the elements are gathered to bring us into a state very close to a trance. I think all honest artists have a goal like that. Art brings us into a deeper life feeling, and making us explore it on stage will give the audience a unique experience.



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